About Us

Mission | Vision | Objective

Recreate your life, Reclaim your youth and Renew your Spirit with Spa by Walky.

For many, flawless skin is too much to ask for. It is our joy to walk you through the impossible skin challenges and reclaim your beauty.

We are a Med Spa and Skin Care company focused on empowering people through flawless and blemish-free skin. Spa by Walky operates as a three-tiered company offering Medical Spa services for relaxation purposes, Skincare services for rejuvenation and continuous youth, and self-care routines that transform people into their confident selves.

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Our Vision:

To become the world’s go-to center for proficient
med care services.

Our Mission:

To empower people by creating a dream center where
beauty fantasies transform into reality.

Our Objective:

To create a tranquil, peaceful, and trusted spa that is a home-away-from-home.

Spa by Walky is named after Walkyria who doubles as the CEO and operational manager. Over the years, Walky developed a passion for many activities, but her interest in skincare never dampened, leading to the official creation of this brand in 2019. She spent decades mastering derma dynamics and obtaining expertise in the area.

Before its official launch, Walky had gathered a large following and helped people alleviate skin conditions such that the company gained its feet soon after the launch.

The Med Spa maintains the employment of industry professionals and med spa enthusiasts who are passionate on the job, licensed, and skillful. Upon consultation, the team devises suitable procedures that help relax the body, ranging from body massages, baths, and luxurious resting chambers. The team also finds lasting solutions for skin concerns from non-surgical/ non-invasive procedures to surgical procedures such as facelifts, contours, etc. This brand aims to help clients become the versions of themselves which they dreamed of.

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