Basic facials are non-surgical skin treatments for the face. They involve the use of organic or natural products to remove dirt from the skin surface and pores (a procedure called cleansing), the removal of dead cells from the face (called exfoliation), and lastly the use of masks to supply necessary vitamins to the face. It leaves the skin healthier, younger, and smoother. The use of the right facials can also cure many skin conditions.

For many years, glazed skin was the exclusive preserve of celebrities/ movie stars. We gapped at how only a few persons seemed to have translucent skin and flawless faces. Do we thank the stars that we now know the secrets? Definitely!

People may not judge a book by its cover but be rest assured that the first impression is a lasting impression. You don’t want your face looking rough and unkempt. The good news is that with your skin in perfect condition, it will be easier to look and feel good and of all skin areas, your facials are the most important.

Improved facials can help you tackle skin challenges on your face; such as acne breakouts, blackheads, sunburns, spider veins, cuts and injuries, exposure to dust, etc. Your facial skins are most delicate and usually exposed to different weather conditions so it needs maximum care.

Five (5) Pre-Facial Tips

Everyone understands that facials are important, some practice nice after-facial routines, but people seem to undermine the importance of Pre-facial regimens. What you do before and after your facial session can go a long way to preserve its effectiveness. 

Proper pre-facial tips can prepare your face and the pores to absorb the subsequent treatments. Please note that we are not recommending a mini facial treatment, but rather easy DIY steps that can help your face do better with facials. Are you ready? Let’s dive right in. 

  1. Do Not Exfoliate Before: You probably have a subtle face-wash or exfoliator which you use on a regular. You should avoid them at least a week before your facial session. When you exfoliate or use harsh face cleansers before a full facial, you may overburden your skin and peel off its natural layers.
  2. Get Ready Mentally: Facials are no tussles, but you must prepare your mind for it. While doing so, also identify your top skin challenges and pen them down, or write them in your notepad. Feel free to discuss these concerns with your aesthetician before your facials begin. It will give insights on what products will be best for you.
  3. Use Mints: Trust us, you do not want to be overly conscious of whether your breath is mild enough or whether your aesthetician is being nice by not complaining. So, brushing your teeth before and using mint can help you truly relax and improve the final results of your facials.
  4. Shave Your Facial Hairs: Let’s not assume that the men are excluded from quality facials and spa relaxations. You should shave off your hair before your facials, otherwise, some areas may be left out. As a Lady, if you only have a few hairs on the face, you can leave it for the aesthetician.
  5. Come with your normal skincare products: Your skincare products are like your medical history, it tells a lot about the condition of your skin and what can be done to improve it. So we always advise that you come with your products.

What to Expect

First-timers often ask questions like this. If you are new to the skincare-dom, or if you are wondering what facials often include here’s a brief rundown.

No needles – No Surgery

Facials are often divided into five (5) main activities:


Firstly, your face will be cleansed with a mild wash. If carrying out your DIY, you can use warm water to begin, before applying your cleanser. At the spa, cleansing may be done in stages, but it only takes minutes.

  1. Removes make-up, dust, or external materials resting on the face.
  2. Prepares the face for full facials.
  3. Eliminates rashes.


This involves the application of exfoliators on your face. It may involve the application of a cream-like treatment on your face. The essence of exfoliation is to soften and remove dead cells from your face, thereby showing a smoother tone of your face. 

Benefit of exfoliating

  1. A healthier and younger look.
  2. Reduction of age spots.
  3. An even-toned face


Masks are loaded with necessary skin vitamins. Masks help to remove skin blemishes and hydrate the face. It leaves a softer and more even complexion on your face. This is usually the third stage. They also eliminate oil from the face and give it a fine finishing.

Benefits of masks

  1. Moisturizes the skin through improved oxygenation.
  2. Clearer skin and cleaner pores.
  3. Leaves the skin with an even tone


Your treatments may be massaged into your face to get them inside your skin pores and to extract dirt from underneath. So, you may expect a face massage along with facials.

  1. Helps the muscles of the face to relax.
  2. Deep treatments of the face.


Finally, your face may be steamed. Please keep in mind that this may not occur all the time. But where it is recommended by your aesthetician, you may have a steam bath.

Benefits of Steaming

  1. It softens the skin and makes it easier to eradicate blackheads or comedones.
  2. It can soften sebum (the oily substance that can be found under the skin).
  3. It aids blood circulation over the face.

Facials may also include the use of soft brushes, or laser removals for comedones/ sebum, etc. Just before we conclude, kindly make sure you consult a skin expert before choosing products for your skin – this best preserves your skin for long-lasting beauty. You can contact one here and have a free consultation today.

Did you find this article helpful? Kindly leave a comment below, we’d love to hear from you. Also, stay tuned to our DIY facial sessions!